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Kunststoffwerk AG Buchs is a successful manufacturer of plastic measuring tools from Switzerland for over 51 years. Since 2015, not only folding rules and calipers made of plastic have been produced there, but also high-quality thermoplastic composite parts.

After the composite folding rule had established itself in the market in 2018, the business line with focus on thermoplastic composite parts was assigned its own name in 2019 – svismold®. Here, traditional injection moulding is combined with precise composite technology – stronger together.

Since then, svismold® has been able to demonstrate further specifications – for example, the vacuum holding technology developed in-house.


The production is very cost and material efficient. This can be noticed especially in series production with medium or high print runs. In addition, the process is completely automated by fully equipped robots and the camera control system checks the quality of every single part. This results in an extremely fast production of free-falling products.

Based on project work, svismold® develops innovative solutions. The svismold® process can be particularly advantageous for metal-replacing parts in sports, car manufacturing and other technical industries. Not only can weight be saved traditionally. svismold® impresses with precision and design freedom. The product can be tailored exactly to the user’s wishes.

Pinpoint flexibility

Due to different tapes and orientations of the fibres, the stability and flexibility can be individually and precisely adapted to your product.

Weight reduction

With svismold® foamed, we can demonstrate a weight reduction of up to 30%.

Design freedom

With our tape-reinforced thermoplastic composite parts, there are virtually no limits to your design.

How svismold® can help you.

Our technology has some advantages.

From weight reduction to pinpoint flexibility and design freedom, our techniques are used in many areas.

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