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For more than 50 years the Swiss company Kunststoffwerk AG Buchs produces high quality measurements tools out of polymeres. Since 2015 they are not only producing folding rulers or calipers but also thermoplastic composite products. After the composite folding ruler was established in the market, in 2019 it was time to name the branch with focus on thermoplastic composite technology  – svismold was born.

Svismold combines traditional injection moulding with thermoplastic composite technologies to ensure high quality.

However, innovation drives the young and creative team. So, a new holding technique was developed to enhance production. With the specialized vacuum holding method the UD-Tapes will stay in place inside the moulds when the polymere is injected. This revolutionized the process immensely. No resedues, bubbles or other kind of defects from clips holding everything in place.

No post production is needed – the products are free-falling.

Hence, the production is extremely cost-and material efficient. To enhance this efficieny even more, the process is completely automated by robotics and through camera control every single piece can be checked.

Through projects svismold develops innovative solutions. Especially, substitues for metal products in fields such as sports, maritime, automotive or medicine could the svismold technology be beneficial. Not only can weight be reduced like in traditional injection moulding, but svismold’s unique holding technique and approach can impress with high precision and freedom of design. The product can be tailored to the exact needs and wishes of the client.

Svismold stands for innovation – stronger together.

The Svismold team will find a solution and work closely with you to achieve the very best outcome.

Your idea could be our new project – please contact us!

Svismold Team_ Michael Rutz, Martin Rudolph, Samantha Ward, Kilian Fleisch

27. Fakuma 12-16. Oktobre 2021