svismold® foamed

extreme weight reduction

Weight reduction of up to 30% possible. Ideal for applications that require an extremely light and stable solution.

High insulation and damping

The foaming of the plastics results in higher insulation and improved damping of sound and vibrations.

Foamed perfection

Ideal for simple and complex shapes with different force effects. The mechanical properties are hardly reduced by svismold® foamed and is therefore versatile.

Convinced yet?

Unsere svismold® foamed technology is particularly suitable when the weight of the product needs to be reduced. This technology can save up to 30% in weight.

Extreme weight reduction of up to 30%

svismold® foamed is mainly used on products where the main focus is on weight reduction with a slight change in properties.

Among other things, metal parts or thermoset parts can be replaced.

How does svismold® foamed work ?

svismold® foamed  is the technology to save weight. Foaming of plastics refers to the process of forming small gas bubbles in the plastic. There are two methods to do this. Chemical blowing agents can be used or gas can be physically introduced into the plastic. The result in both cases is a much lighter and more porous plastic that can be used in many applications. Foaming plastics can offer various advantages. These include higher insulation, improved damping of sound and vibrations, and higher strength with lower weight. With svismold® foamed , up to 30% weight can be saved.

Extreme weight reduction

This technology can save up to 30% in weight. The foamed polymer component can be further reinforced and customised with tapes and fibres.

Do you need a solution to save weight?

With svismold® foamed, the weight can be reduced by up to 30%.

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