svismold® complex


With this technology, moving and flexible parts can also be built sturdy and precise.

complex forms

Complex shapes are built precisely and sturdily to meet the requirements.


Components with bends and bending directions in more than two directions can also be optimised.

Convinced yet?

Unsere svismold® complex technology convinces with extreme robustness for more complex parts. Parts that have to withstand high stresses can also be manufactured using this technique.

Stable complexity implemented in a high-quality manner.

svismold® complex is used for flexible components with high demands.

These solutions are complex and withstand extreme forces.

How does svismold® complex work

svimsold® complex works with more complex shape geometries with multiple bending directions or windings. Therefore, tapes and fibres are used to strengthen the composite part exactly. The different fibre orientations are designed so they create flexibility and stability precisely where they are needed.

With the help of the specially developed vacuum holding technology, the tapes/fibres are also held perfectly in the injection tools. Thus, they can also be coated with polymeres with our technology svismold® complex.

individual complexity

Due to different materials and polymeres, complex shapes can be designed.

flexible perfection

The shape is complex, so everything must be perfectly designed to withstand the various forces (bending, torsion, effects, centrifugal force, …).

Absolute perfection is ensured.

You need individual flexibility and strength?

The shape of your product is complex and requires precise design?

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