Stiff, Stiffer, Composite: Revolutionizing Folding Rules with Composite Technology

Our journey into composite technology began with a simple yet significant challenge: creating a folding rule that balances stiffness, durability, and precision. This case study delves into our exploration, experimentation, and ultimate triumph in engineering a game-changing solution.

Missing Stiffnes

Robust and Stiff Folding Ruler

Challenge a New Technology

The Problem

Plastic folding rules, while durable and long-lasting, often lack the stiffness required for precise measurements over extended distances. This inherent flexibility compromises accuracy, presenting a significant obstacle in various applications.

The Process

Our journey was marked by relentless experimentation and refinement. We explored various approaches, including strengthening plastic with fibreglass, but found them not being stiff enough. Undeterred, we turned our attention to a novel solution: strengthening tape.

Layering precise unidirectional tape during the injection moulding process emerged as a promising technique. However, achieving optimal results required overcoming numerous challenges and setbacks. Through perseverance and innovation, we honed our process, paving the way for a groundbreaking breakthrough.


Our mission was clear: develop a folding rule that rivals the stiffness of traditional wooden rulers while retaining the longevity and robustness of plastic alternatives. We recognized the need for innovation to bridge this gap and set out to redefine industry standards.

The Solution

The culmination of our efforts yielded a revolutionary solution: a composite folding rule fortified with precisely layered unidirectional tape. This innovative approach not only enhanced stiffness to rival wooden rulers but also imparted unparalleled durability and weather resistance.

Furthermore, the integration of strengthening tape elevated the folding rule to accuracy class 2, traditionally reserved for metal rulers. This achievement underscored the transformative impact of our composite technology, setting a new standard for precision measuring tools.

UD Tape has proven to be the perfect solution

Our Conclusion

Our journey from conception to realization exemplifies the power of innovation and collaboration. By pushing the boundaries of traditional materials and techniques, we’ve unlocked new possibilities in the realm of folding rules. As we continue to pioneer advancements in composite technology, we look forward to empowering professionals with tools that redefine performance and reliability.

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