Innovation vacuum holding technology

As a Swiss company, svismold® is known for its innovative solutions in the field of thermoplastic composite technology and injection moulding. However, the company does not rest on its laurels, but is always looking for new ways to improve the precision and efficiency of its processes. One of these innovative solutions is their vacuum holding technology.

Innovation: Vacuum holding technology

Innovative holding technology revolutionises the production

This method makes it possible to hold cut-outs of the UD tape precisely in the injection moulds by vacuum in order to inject them with hot polyamide. There are no edges that need to be sanded down or otherwise embellished. The thermoplastic composite part is ready and requires no further finishing. This has enormous advantages, also in terms of design freedom.

Vacuum holding technology allows products to be adapted and individualised exactly to the customer’s wishes. Savings in materials, time and costs are possible and the products are finished very quickly. No post-processing of the product is necessary, which saves an enormous amount of time.

But how did this innovative solution come about? The story begins just over 5 years ago when the svismold® team was once again looking for a way to increase the accuracy and efficiency of their processes. They experimented with different technologies and finally came across the vacuum holding technique.

From the very beginning, the svismold® team was convinced of the effectiveness and efficiency of this technique. They tested it in various situations and found that it actually helped to increase the precision and speed of their processes enormously. This is how vacuum holding technology became an integral part of svismold® applications.

Today, svismold® is known for its innovative solutions in the field of thermoplastic composite technology. Vacuum holding technology is just one innovative solution the company has developed to satisfy its customers and improve its processes.

Innovation is paramount at svismold® and the vacuum holding technology is a perfect example of this. By combining traditional injection moulding and thermoplastic composite technology, the company has developed a method that is not only precise and efficient, but also increases customers’ design freedom. With svismold® as a partner, companies can be sure they are getting the latest and most effective solutions in injection moulding and thermoplastic composite technology.

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