Innovation and Uniqueness in Injection Moulding and Composite Technology

Svismold is a Swiss company professional in injection molding and composite techniques. The unique combination of traditional injection molding with composite technology is one of the company’s strength. Like so, UD Tape can enhance a products structure immensely. Strenght and flexibility can be pinpointed to the exact areas where it is needed and wanted. The direction of the fibres are what makes this possible.

Svismold Technology

With svismold technology well known products made out of metal, duroplastics, or aluminum, to name a few, could be improved. They could be translated into lighter, stiffer and well-designed thermoplastic composite solutions. Hence, the svismold thermoplastic composite technology could be a fitting alternative.

For this we use leading development methods and only the best materials on the market. Unidirectional thermoplastic tapes, prepegs and corresponding polymers are such materials. The UD-Tapes are made from glass- carbon- or other fibrers. The exact polymeres and materials used can be individually chosen to perfectly fit the end-product.

Svismold Production

Our production is fully automated so we can offer an exceptional fast process. We work with camera-control that checks every single product to ensure a steady kept high quality.

The overall process results in material-and cost efficient ready falling composite products. No past-processing is needed. Like so, products could be done in seconds.

For raw materials, polymeres or composite prepegs we use European sources.

Where to Use Svismold Thermoplastic Composite Technique?



Technical Components

Medicine/ Orthopedics

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Exact Layering of UD- Tape

The exact layering of the UD-Tape is very precise and effective with svismold’s innovative holding technique.

With vacuum the tape stays in place in the moulds while the polymer is injected. Moreover, there is no need in post-processing. The product is free-falling – there is no overinjection or traces of any clips which are usually used to keep the tape in place. As the polymer is injected the product is finished in seconds.

This results in an exceptionally fast and precise process.

Benefits Using Thermoplastic Composites

Weight Reduction
Freedom of Design
Cost-and Material Efficiency
No Post Processing

From Idea to Product

Pre-selection of suitable polymere or fibre reinforcement combination.

Speak to us and  let us know about your idea. Depending on your needs the right materials can be chosen. So, the product can be individualized from the very beginning.

Component layout and optimization, FEM methodology, composite-specific conditions.

When we discussed your ideas and chose the best materials to use then we can test these choices. So, we can see how your idea could become a reality.

Realistic trials using protoypes.

We can test with realisitic protoypes to give you the best insight of what your end-product will be like. This, of course, is the best way to see flaws or ways for optimizations. From there on the production process begins and you can hold your finished product in your hands shortly.

Succes Story: H4 Surf Fin

The H4 surf fin is one example that shows how precise the svismold technique is. A surf fin is quite a demanding product.

The flex and stiffness of the material is crucial in the way its behaves in the waves. The surfer wants to be able to move quick, fast and accurate.

Surfboard with a set of svismold H4 Fins
Surfer small while surfing
Man holding the svismold fin set happily

The fin is very strong yet flexible exactly where it is needed. Therefore, it can be maneuvred through the waves fast and precise, eventhough the fin is considered large. It is, according to tests and studies, the perfect fin of the highest quality.

„Without the support and expertise from svismold the H4 fin project would not have been possible. Their outstanding ability to turn our original idea into a qualitative and innovative end product has been remarkable.“ – FCS Australia

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