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UD-Tape Composite Technology

Demonstrated at a sports product

Demonstrated at a sports product

Thermoplastic Carbon Reinforced Surffin

How it is possible to leave, traditional, well known and proven technology behind and build trust in a complete new solution ?


What must be done and obvious favourable to change from existing well working technologies like RTM to new design and production technology for surfing fins made in our svismold concept ?


Especially the fin is something which is most discussed, emotionally charged and for a lots of riders the “game changer” for having fun when surfing … Please follow our story, why a UD-Tape reinforced Thermoplastic fin could be a better solution !

Find out ...

  • how this development worked out to a very well accepted new product
  • why “Light-weight” design must not be always end in weight reduction as key success factor
  • why if you are looking for a precise design of product properties, a cost effective production, continuous process quality and control and last but not least product design. Your product idea could be our next challenge

Leave us your name and email address. We are looking forward to get in touch with you!

Leave us your name and email address. We are looking forward to get in touch with you!

The svismold – benefits

Predevelopment - free of charge

Continuous process control - 100% camera inspection

Network of Research partners

Simulation and mechanical testing

Precise design of mechanical properties by tape laying where needed

UD-Tape unique possibility to utilize fibres in a most cost and mechanical
effective way

Long experience in Thermoplastic Composite Serial production

Weight reduction possible


"Without the support and expertise from svismold the H4 fin project would not have been possible. Their outstanding and ability to turn our original idea into a quality and innovative end product has been outstanding." FCS Australia

We offer a free pre-development phase. Please contact us for more information.

The svismold Technology

Svismold translates well known products made of metal, duroplastic/ RTM, aluminium or conservative injection moulding technology in :   lighter, stiffer, and well designed thermoplastic composite designed.   For this we are using state-of-the-art developing methods and the best materials on the market.  Which are unidirectional thermoplastic tapes, of carbon, glass and other fibres,  prepregs  and corresponding polymers.  Our speciality:  ready falling manufacturing of thermoplastic composites, which is very material and cost saving.

The svismold production

We are working on for Thermoplastic composite production well working tie-bar less ENGEL Moulding machines connected to a KUKA robot cell.  Within our svismold robot cells we could integrate additional process steps, like surface and mechanical finishing and of course in-line 100 % quality control. We prefer for sourcing safety reasons regional European sourcing for our raw materials, polymers and composite prepregs.

Who we are

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Next steps

  • Get in touch and share your ideas!

  • We keep yours and our secret: NDA

  • Duty description - rough first product design - feasibility study.

    We start a predevelopment phase - free of charge!

  • If we are successful: We quote all further phases ... after your commitment ...

  • We create a new success story!!

Questions left !?

Don’t hesitate and call :  or  visit us in our factory in the heart of Europe

Martin Rudolph
Managing Director
Telephone: +41 81 750 60 30

Company svismold - Buchs (SG) Switzerland
IWK Institute for Materials Technology and Plastics Processing

Our partner: Institute for materials technology and plastics processing