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The svismold® Technology : Thermoplastic Composites for Winners!

With the unique vacuum-holding technique svismold® is able to perfectly combine unidirectional tape with polymers. The UD-Tape is extremely efficient for forms such as a surf fin, which has a maximum of 2 bending directions.

The carbon tape will be cut and placed in injection molds. Kept in place by an unique vacuum-holding technique, the tapes are under-injected with the polymer.

This method perfects forms such as a surf fin because it stabilizes and strengthens the product in the exact right places while it is still flexible where needed.

The use of UD-Tape in such a way opened up many opportunities to optimize simpler components.  The strength and flexibility can be perfected to fit the areas where they are needed the most.


The Perfected Surf Fin

The H4 surf fin was developed for the well known worldwide leading surf equipment suppliers FCS by svismold® in 2020.

Usually, speaking of injection molding means an optimization for weight reduction. However, that was not the main goal when the Australian surf equipment supplier FCS wanted to find a way to improve the surf fin.

Surf fins are often made by hand, which means that each fin is unique and different from one another. To ensure constant high quality on every single one was the main objective.

Therefore, svismold® went through FEM analyses and a development phase to ensure the right materials and procedure. After some real testing with prototypes the outcome was a magnificent premium surf fin for professionals.





H4 Premium Surf Fin

The H4 Premium Surf Fin is the perfect fin for professionals. It is strong and flexible exactly where it is needed. Produced in serial in constant high quality this extraordinary surf fin is made for winners.


Filipe Toledo showed this when he won the world championship title at the WSL World Surf League in 2022.

For this, the Brazilian professional surfer had great equipment at hand. Toledo chose his H4 Quad fin set for various challenges.

The high-performance FCS II H4 fin enables higher speed, more drive and better stability.

This is how Toledo shows courage to try something new.



Innovation in Surfing

The FCS H4 surf fin is a masterpiece of thermoplastic composite technology.  The innovative thermoplastic solution from svismold® has revolutionized the world of surfing.

His skill paired with the FCS H4 fin set inspires. He glides on the waves like a bird through the air.

So Toledo spoke of always looking for ways to surf faster and better.

“I always want to improve and develop my surfing, and I’ve been looking for new technologies to help me do that.”


The FCS H4 surf fin revolutionized not only the world of surfing but also the thermoplastic industry. It shows the possibilities that thermoplastic composite technology provides for the future.